The Finer Points of Heraldry

Walt Cross

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More Blazoning

The five shields shown below are German in origin.

The first shield is the arms of the German Emporer (Kaiser) and is: "Or, an Eagle Displayed, Sable". The second shield is the arms of the town of Kybourg and reads: "Gules, Abend Or, two Leopards passant of the last." The third shield bears the arms of the city of Cronberg "Gules, second and third Vair (a two color fur of blue and slver), in the first a Coronet, Or".

These two shields are more simple in design and that probably indicates they are older towns. They represent the towns of Bachem and Daun respectively and are: "Argent, Bend(s) Gules" (in English heraldry two bends are reduced in size and the term applied is "Bendy"). "Or, Fretted Gules" (a Fret is made up of the saltire and mascle or X and square).

Two kinsmen, Jean and Phillip Bourgogne share this coat armor except for a minor variation. “Argent, first and fourth, Azure three Fleurs de lys Or, Bordure Argent and Gules; second Sable a Lion rampant Or, third a Lion rampant Gules langued, armed and crowned Or”. The only difference in the two is: “Bordure Argent and Gules invected”. Invected is the scalloping effect on the bordure.
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